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Op. Dr. Pınar Batu Kartal

Op. Dr. Pınar Batu Kartal

He was born in Trabzon Vakfıkebir. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Samsun, Rize and Ankara, he graduated from Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Medicine between 1998-2004. He completed his specialization at Zeynep Kamil Training and Research Hospital between 2004-2008.

He completed his compulsory service at Şanlıurfa Maternity Hospital between 2008-2010. After compulsory service, he started working in a private practice and continued to support private hospitals as a surgical consultant.

He started working again at Zeynep Kmail hospital between 2016-2018. During this period, he worked as the founding physician in the opening of Zeynep Kamil Hospital colposcopy and cervical cancer center and molar pregnancy center.

He gave genital plastic surgery training to assistant doctors at the Training and Research Hospital. He started working in a private hospital and practice in 2019 and currently serves in the practice and works as a surgical consultant in other private hospitals.

Courses and Certificates

  • The first Balkan Pelvic Floor dysfunction symposium (1-3 April 2011)
  • Department of gynecology aesthetic surgey (vaginal aesthetics) surgey case wesrern reverse university, clevend, OHİO,USA
  • Harbiye Colposcopy Course (March 2009, Istanbul)
  • Urogynecology-Minimally Invasive Surgery(2007, 2008, Istanbul)
  • World oncology symposium -2009
  • Minimally invasive surgery qualification -2008
  • Holistic Sexual Therapy Training (2011, Istanbul)
  • Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy Proficiency Certificate (2008, Istanbul)
  • Neonatal (newborn) resuscitation certificate, (2009, Istanbul)
  • Perinatology – ultrasonography qualification certificate -2008
  • Endometrioma (chocolate cyst) management
  • 12th Gynecological Oncology Congress-2010
  • Zeynep kamil gynecopathology congress-2007

Professional Interests

  • Pregnancy and follow-up
  • Urogynecology (urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse operations)
  • Laparoscopic, Hysteroscopic operations (chocolate cyst, myoma, polyp, infertility)
  • In vitro fertilization treatment
  • Vaginal aesthetic operations (vaginal tightening, labiaplasty, hymenoplasty - hymen repair)
  • Vaginal surgical operations (Notes: operations performed through natural cavities)
  • Sexual Dysfunction (vaginismus)
  • Treatments to improve quality of life in women

Association Members

  • Turkish Medical Association (TBB)
  • Turkish Gynecology and Obstetrics Association (TJOD)
  • Sexual Health Institute Association (CİSED)
  • Laparoscopy Association
  • Urogynecology Association
  • Zeynep Kamil Foundation (Board Member)
  • Tjod Anadolu (Board Member)

Special Interests

Sailing sports, swimming, skiing, oil painting, performing arts.

Professional Publications

  • Comprasion of complications of TVT and TOT-Q procedures -2009, journal medicine
  • Improving the quality of life in paraplegic incontinence patients-2007, Turkish-German Journal
  • Is antibiotic prophylaxis of benefit before urodinamic investigation? Zeynep kamil newsletter
  • Improving quality of life paraplegic women -2007 , zeynep kamil bulletin
  • TVT procedures and quality of life outcomes in one year- 2007
  • Effect of antral follicle number on in vitro fertilization results - JCAM,2012
  • Effects of 1st and 3rd Trimester MPV rates on disease prediction in preeclamptic pregnancy, -JACM, 2012
  • Posterior colpotomy approach in ectopic pregnancy cases considering surgery-2011, Turkish-German Journal
  • Myoma excision with posterior and anterior colpotomy method-2011, Turkish-German Journal
  • Posterior colpotomic approach to adnexial torsion during pregnancy - 2011, Turkish-German Journal
  • Tubal ligation with posterior colpotomy-2011, Turkish-German Journal
  • Approach to concomitant rectal and uterine prolapse – J. Turkish
  • The relationship between molar pregnancies and maternal weight - 2008
  • The relationship between molar pregnancies and vit b12 deficiency - 2008
  • The effect of the relationship between blood groups in molar pregnancies on prognosis - 2008
  • Sensitivity of urodynamics performed in the premenstrual period-2007

Speaker at Scientific Congresses

  • Case series presentation in urinary incontinence operations - 2010, Zeynep Kamil urogynecology congress
  • Evaluation of Papsmear tests-2009, gynecology congress

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